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New Priest Announced

by John Martin

On behalf of the Wardens and our parish search committee I am happy to announce that with agreement of our Area Bishop our new Priest will be the Reverend Matthew McMillan. Reverend McMillan is presently the Incumbent of the Parish of Cookstown and Churchill. His first Sunday at St. Mary’s will be Sunday, September 10th. […]

Retirement of Rev. Johhn Oakes

by Jonathan Wilkinson

On April 9th and April 16th the parish gathered in Wrixon Hall to bid farewell to John and Kirsten Oakes. The April 9th event was a formal reception with lunch and speeches. John has taken early retirement and he and Kirsten will be returning to Vancouver. After the April 16th church service John was presented […]

50th Anniversary of New Sanctuary

by John Martin

Our current worship space which we are still calling “new” and still doesn’t have a proper name was dedicated in 1964. Other parts of our rambly facilities date from 1954 and 1872 – the “old” chapel. The newest bit, the offices, were added in 1997. In celebration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the New Sanctuary, St. […]