The Outreach Committee

Mission statement – The Outreach Committee of Saint Mary’s Anglican Church Richmond Hill is committed to: assisting the Church and its parishioners in Christian outreach activities at the local, national and international levels. This assistance includes initiating, promoting and supporting activities and projects that contribute to social justice and human dignity.

The activities and programs administered by the Outreach Committee provide a conduit by which parishioners can contribute to the social mission of the Church and can fulfill their charitable obligations as expressed in Christ’s teachings.

Members of the committee are Dionne Robertson, Flora Dogbe, Gwen Halliday, Norm McMullen, and Bob Veltheer. Although they are not members of the committee, John Martin and Jonathan Wilkinson have provide valuable assistance. The committee needs more members and more volunteers. We are seeking persons with a desire to aid the vulnerable. A variety of skills and attributes are needed.

Outreach Programs

The Out of the Cold program which was an initiative of the Outreach and Social Justice Committee has been removed from the committee and has its own steering committee. This is consistent with the intent of the Social Justice Committee to act as an incubator of social justice programs and better reflects the fact that the steering committee includes the involvement of other religious organizations. Flora Dogbe represents the Outreach and Social Justice Committee on the steering committee. Reports to the board are now the responsibly of the co-coordinators of the steering committee, Mark Kingham and Maggie Veltheer.

The practice of the committee is to carry out a major project each year. In the recent past the committee has initiated the Home on the Hill project, the church web site, the faithlink system that enables the religious organizations in Richmond Hill to share information over the internet and the Out of the Cold program. These projects have been carried out in addition to the ongoing programs such as Christmas Families, and support for two children in the Foster Parents Plan.

This year the committee is planning to create a public presentation on homelessness and social housing using PowerPoint.

Members of the committee will be attending the Outreach Conference at Holy Trinity School, Richmond Hill on October 20, 2012.

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