Join the Servers’ Team

In our Anglican services we stand a lot and sit a lot. If you’d like to add a bit of walking around in a white robe and a beautiful silver cross, then we have just the role for you. You’ve watched us go up and down the aisle with the cross and candles and sit in the chairs and benches near the altar. We help with communion and learn about the items used in it. For all of this we are fortunate to have Jo-Anne Billinger as our guide, spiritually and practically. Please approach Jo-Anne or me about this ministry if interested. Also, for those of you in high school, your time spent serving counts towards your required community service hours.

Alice Pegg

Notice in the October 2014 Sunday service bulletins



Information for Servers and Potential Servers at St. Mary’s


Servers are an important part of the weekly worship service held usually at 10:30 a.m. The 8:00 a.m. service does not require servers. The servers help to indicate to the congregation what is happening next and to get everyone involved as shown in the bulletin order of service for that day.

There are three possible roles a server can fill at the 10:30 a.m. service:


Carry the cross at the beginning and end of the service, i.e. during the processional and recessional hymns, and also when the gospel reading takes place in the centre aisle. Receive the large offering-tray from the Sidesperson when the collection is brought to the front of the church.

Altar Server

Assist the priests as they prepare for communion by handing to them what they need (i.e. wine, water, wafers), and carry the Gospel book when the reading takes place in the centre aisle.

Candle Bearers

Carry the tall candle during the processional and recessional hymns, and when the gospel reading takes place in the centre aisle. Two candle bearers are required at each service.


  1. Arrive by 10:15 a.m.
  2. Put on a white robe, a rope belt and a ribboned cross.
  3. If carrying the cross or a candle, carry it perfectly vertical.
  4. Watch the priests and other servers during the service for signals so that you know when to perform your duties as part of the team during the service.


  • The robes, belts and crosses are provided for the servers and are kept at the church for sharing among the team.
  • The serving activities are eligible for the required high school volunteer hours. Provide the form to the Head Server for completion.
  • How frequently you will be scheduled depends on your availability and the size of the team required on a given Sunday. Some services (e.g. Morning Prayer) do not need all four team members.
  • There is no lower or upper age limit. Carrying the cross or a candle depends only on your strength and balance.