In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer we pray for the Diocese of Nike, Enugu, Nigeria.

In the Diocesan Social Justice and Advocacy Cycle of Prayer we pray for St. David Anglican-Lutheran Church, Orillia; St. Dunstan of Canterbury, Scarborough.

In the Deanery Cycle of Prayer we pray for the Parish of St. Christopher’s, Richmond Hill, the Rev. Canon Edmund Der, Priest-in-charge, the Rev. Carol Friesen, Assistant Curate.

In our Parish Cycle of Prayer we remember Norman McMullen, Brian McMurtry, Cherie Meurs, Norman Meyers, Colin and Laurie Millar; and we pray for our Archives Committee.

We pray for unity in the Church.

We pray for health & wellness for: Pat, Julius & Matie, Shelley, Tyler, Ingrid, Anameka, Diane, Béata, Donna, Mary, Barry, Ron, Margaret, and Joseph and Rima; and for those in Harm’s Way.

We pray for members of our Parish living in long-term care: Frances, Anne, Doris, Agnes, Don, Julia, Dorothy, Doris, Eleanor, and Bert.

In our Environmental Cycle of Prayer we pray in thanksgiving the sun, for the light, warmth and life it provides, for its energy stored in fossil fuels, and for the potential to better harvest its energy in the future.

Sunday,  May 10, 2015 — Easter 6