At St. Mary’s we have multiple opportunities to participate in prayer as well as multiple avenues for individuals to be supported in their prayer journey.

Our parish has weekly prayer and support meetings in the church and in home groups as well.  We also have a prayer team that work on a rotation to ensure that it has members on duty each week to provide prayer support to any individuals who request it after our services.  Monthly healing and anointing services also provide an opportunity to offer a sacramental right of anointing each month.

We also have formal prayer lists and rosters for individuals to add names to, so that you or your loved one can be prayed for in their team of need each week.  Please contact the office is you would like to add an individual to our: hospital or urgent need list, long-term care list, palliative care list or faithful departed list.  Please feel free to call the office at 905-884-2227 at any time to add to or to update any of our prayer lists.