2018 Parish Board

Joe McEwan: Chair

Colin Webb: Vice Chair

Catherine Goodman: Secretary

(Those whose names are bolded below are also a part of the Parish Board)

Lay Delegates to Synod

Joe McEwan

Monica Woodly

Gleniss Harris: Alternate Delegate

Trevor Kimpton: Alternate Delegate

Committee Chairs

Anglican Church Women (ACW) of St. Mary’s: Marlene Gardiner

Archives: Norman McMullen

Communications: Colin Webb

Green Team: Barry Rollinson

Land Use/Development: Ron Smit

Outreach: Lyne Webb

Property: Colin Webb

Property Rental/Usage: Betty Romanchuk

Sidespeople/ Stewardship: Karl Lashley

Sunday School: Julie Hastie

Worship: The Reverend Matthew McMillan (ex officio)

Members at Large

Julie Hastie

Kola Deru

Parish Tribunal

John Martin

Trevor Kimpton

Lay Offices

Altar Guild: Sharon Hanns

Archives: Joan Connolly, Dave Hunt, Norman McMullen, Lucille King

Auditors: Hurren, Sinclair, McIntyre, Chartered Accountants of Pickering, Ontario

Envelope Secretary: Lucy Quintero
Assistant to the Envelope Secretary: John Martin

Treasurer: Maggie Veltheer

Wedding Coordinator: Joan Connolly

Web Site: Jonathan Wilkinson, John Martin